No Cap Coaching, Inc

"501(c)3 Application in Progress"

"We are focused on removing financial barriers to allow high school athletes with the means to obtain additional coaching, attend camps and visit potential colleges"

About Us

At No Cap Coaching we are all about the kids and seeing them succeed at the next level, no CAP and no personal agendas. Our coaches have over 20 years of combined coaching experience at multiple levels and have the academic and coaching credentials to supplement that experience. Our leadership team has over 20 years of business experience, with 7 of those years spent leading and consulting other Non Profits in the across the US. Each brings his or her own skillset to the table and all will be leveraged to allow the student athlete to excel.

No Cap Coaching is a Florida Not For Profit (501(c)3 application pending), that is focused in two areas:

1) Athlete Development Fund - focus will be on raising funds to allow high school athletes to obtain additional coaching, attend camps and potential colleges, removing financial barriers, and

2) Coaching Program - provides high school football players with the position specific skills and agility training to allow them to exceed on the field and at the next level of their playing career. The Coaching Program will have two options: Private Pay Coaching and Reduced/Funded Coaching based on need and availability of development funds.

All Student Athletes should have the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for a chance to play and study at the next level. There are both financial barriers and skill/agility gaps that threaten this chance. There exists a gap in true position specific, athlete centric coaching for high school football players. Many are getting some form of coaching during the season; however, practice time is limited and is focused on the current scheme of the respective program and winning football games. The focus on the current scheme or fitting all athletes into that scheme will certainly produce winning results; however, that will not necessarily translate to the skills the athlete will need to accelerate at the collegiate level.

Our Programs will initially focus on the sport of football, but expansion into other sports is part of our long-term plan.